The Onager are a large type of wild ass and the fastest of the species reaching up to 70km per hour. Once situated across all of Iran the Onager’s can now only be found in two locations and both of which are conservation areas. The Onager population is estimated to be around 500 and although they are currently classed as critically endangered the Onager population seems pretty stable and there is high hops to get this species off of the endangered list. Even with all members of the Onager population currently in conservation there is still a very real threat of poaching as Onager meat sells well which means that the Onager have to be monitored as much as possible.

The Onager are one of the larger species of wild ass and can be recognized by their sandy red coat and distinct dark brown stripe that runs the length of their back. this large species of wild ass have fairly short legs and it has been noted that in winter their fur takes on a gray coloration. The Onager’s tail is short and most of the population sports a rough dark mane and white belly. Males of the species are generally bigger than the females.

Onager grazing
Onager grazing
Onager grazing

The Onager always stick close to a sufficient water source as there habitat is made up of flatland deserts that can get very hot in the daytime while relatively cooler during the late evening through to night. The Onager tend to be active mostly throughout the twilight periods due to the hot daytime temperature and will feed on desert shrubs and herbs, occasionally feeding on grass when available. Onager are known to travel in family groups of up to 5 but males will often spend most of their time alone. In the breeding season males don’t guard females but rather they guard drinking areas as females will visit these areas frequently this gives the male exclusive access.

Female Onager gestate for a year after initial mating usually resulting in 1 foal who will stick by its mother for at least 2 years before venturing off alone.

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