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Common Chicory

Cichorium intybus The chicory plant originally came from the Mediterranean and traveled from Europe to spread across North America with the colonists. The color is usually blue or lavender and the flower remains on the plant only one day, with quantities of stiff hairs on the underside of the chicory flower. It stores a white


Epilobium angustifolium The fireweed also known as the rosebay willow herb in the British Isles, in Ireland fireweed is called Blooming Sally. Thought to be introduced from China by the early Victorians, fireweed is one of the pioneer’s plants native to the Northern Hemisphere that thrives in acidic woods, meadows and areas that have been

Dawn Redwood

Metasequoia glyptostroboides The dawn redwood is also known as the water fir in China and the water larch; it is native to central China. It is a deciduous tree that is closely related to the giant sequoia and is the only living species of Metasequoia that is living. The dawn redwood is critically endangered and

Sequoia Tree

The sequoia tree is a member in the cypress family of Cupressacaea and is one of three species of redwoods. These may be more familiarly known as the Coast Redwood and California Redwood, found in the northern part of the state of California. Known for its height and age, the tallest tree in the world

Trailing Arbutus

The Trailing arbutus is one of the best known, and best loved of Eastern American Wildflowers, and was said to be the first flower that the Pilgrims found when they stepped on the shore of the new world. It is a white or whitish pink blossom, and is quite rare in how it function in

Pinyon Tree

The Pinyon Tree is an evergreen, found primarily in drier climates, such as dry foothills, mesas, canyons and areas that grow a great deal of scrub. It will grow from 20 to 40 feet tall, and has dark green needles that grow in sets of two as opposed to the leaf type tree. The Female

Magnolia Tree

The Evergreen Magnolia Tree has been around for several million years according to scientists. Fossils of Magnolia like trees have been found that date more than twenty million years, indicating the very ancient lineage of this, one of the most beautiful of trees. One scientific theory says that magnolias were the ancestors of nearly all


May Apple is known by many different names, Indian apple, Racoonberry, wild lemon, hog apple and American mandrake. It is a perennial herb that can be found growing in moist loamy woodland soils on the East coast of North America from the Southern parts of Maine to Florida and may be found as far West

Calvaria Tree

The Calvaria Tree is a perfect example of the impact man can have on the environment without being aware of what we do. The Calvaria tree is a long lived hardwood, existing only in certain parts of the world, specifically the island of Mauritius where the hapless Dodo bird once made its home. The DODO,

Mountain Laurel

The Mountain Laurel is the state flower of several states in the US, among them Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and grows in mountainous regions from Maine to Montana. It reaches about 15 feet in height; however most trees, particularly those in very mountainous harsher regions do not achieve that reach, but will be about 8-10 feet

Desert Lupine

The desert Lupine is native to the Mojave, to the deserts of California and Nevada as well as New Mexico, Arizona and parts of Texas. It does not like higher altitudes but will grow along the road in the desert as well as on slopes and even the tops of the mesa. It has a

Big Sagebrush

Big Sagebrush, or the Sagebrush plant ranges from California into Nebraska and then south to Mexico. It is a dry area plant which will grow in rocky areas with deep soil. Plants are found as high as ten thousand feet in elevation and grow in cold desert conditions as well as warm ones. Sagebrush plants

DogBane Plant

This plant is poisonous in nature. Dogbane has also been called Indian hemp, bitter root and rheumatism weed. It is a perennial plant, with long red colored stems that rise up in a sort of cluster to grow about three feet tall. When it is cut it emits a milky thick sap. It is like


The Sassafras is a deciduous tree (meaning that it sheds it’s leaves for the winter) which is native to North America, It is commonly found growing in hardwood forests, abandoned fields, fence rows, and areas that have been disturbed in some way. It may grow to 80 feet in height, but normally is 20 to

Oak Tree

The Oak is a hardwood, and is also what is known as a deciduous tree, which means that in the autumn it loses its leaves. The oak is a broad range tree and it is hard to find a tree which has a wider spread geographically. There are very few places in which one type