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Aquatic Mammals Return to New York City

Dolphins, whales, and seals have made a triumphant return to the waters outside of New York Harbour. This spells great news for sightseers and has sparked seal and whale watching tours. Underwater animals have returned to New York Harbour According to Tom Paladino who is the Captain of 2 ferry boats from the Rockways, pods

Deformed Humpback Whale Spotted off Kauai

Experts believe that they have recently spotted a badly deformed humpback whale off the idyllic Hawaiian island of Kauai. It is thought that the whale in question has scoliosis, which is the curvature of the spine. A Humpback whale with scoliosis needs your help David Schofield, who is the Marine Mammal Response Coordinator for the

Hotel for dogs seeking for romance

Amorous dogs all around the world will definitely be jealous of its own kind who live in Sao Paolo. A love motel for amorous dogs has just opened to cater for their affection needs. It is reported that the love motel for amorous dogs opened in Brazil’s richest and largest city, Sao Paolo, is the

Germany Crowns Deer-Calling Champion

There are some really zany contests in the world. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) Germany is not immune to this. On the weekend, the battle for the German deer calling champion heated up. Using snail shells, plant stems, and ox horns, 8 men and 1 woman battled it out for the title of the German Deer Calling

Beauty Competition for Horses Announced

If you own or ride a beautiful horse, why not enter your beloved 4-legged creature in a beauty contest? President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan has just announced a national beauty contest – for horses only. Horses were once prized by the late Alexander the Great for their stamina in speed. The thoroughbreds in Turkmenistan are

Protesting? Eat Rats!

If you are in Uganda and want to bring a change in the political landscape, consider eating a rat. The man who ate a rat in front of President Yoweri Museveni in 2005 is once again threatening to do what he has done, in what he claims is a traditional form of protesting used to

Hunter sues Travel Company

Be careful what you advertise. This is what a German-based travel company has learned, after a Polish hunter who dreamed of shooting elephants sent the hunter to Africa in a part where no elephants were found. African Elephant Hunted According to the travel company, Jaworski Jagdreisen, it organises regular hunting expeditions. The company insists that

Parrots are Left-Handed

Just like humans, parrots favour one side of the body than the other. Lefties worldwide can rejoice, as they are joined by parrots as being more left handed – or rather, more left footed than anything else. It is also known that some species do try both sides before deciding whether they want to be

You’ve Got… Puppy?

Last week, we reported that a German man tried to send tarantulas through the mail for profit. This week, a puppy was sent through the mail as a birthday gift. The puppy is now in the care of an animal shelter for at least 1 more week. An administrative hearing officer ruled that the puppy

Zoo Animals Freeze to Death in Mexico

During the weekend, and icy cold front swept through northern Mexico, leaving 65 zoo animals dead. A cold front went over Mexico, a country famous for its warm weather Amongst some of the victims of the cold snap include peacocks, crocodiles, and parrots. Temperatures dropped to as low as 5F (-15C) on Saturday morning at

Salmonella = Good Health?

We know that salmonella is bad for your health… but Researchers from the UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health have found that a simple reprogramming can actually help to battle the enzymes of other viruses. What was even more amazing that this technique not only treated mice that were infected with cytomegalovirus, but it also

Super Pack of Wolves Ravage Russian Town

A bloodthirsty “super pack” of wolves have been terrifying a Russian town, after leaving over 30 horses dead in just 4 days. Hungry wolves are on the rampage This super pack of 400 wolves have been spotted prowling over the outskirts of Verkhoyansk, attacking livesetock at will. As a result, a 24 teams of hunters

Pet Crematorium Accuses Vet of Theft

Over in Guam, the owner of the Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory is accusing a Veterinarian of theft. Local law enforcement has been asked to investigate in this matter. The are only 2 places in Guam where pepole can take deceased pets to be cremated, including Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory. Where did the bodies go? The