Category: Ground Mammals

White Tiger

White tigers, also known as Panthera Tigris in Latin, are one of the most beautiful animals on earth. They are famous for its white fur/complexion, which is caused by a recessive gene. They are larger both at birth and at full adult size than orange tigers, and are the biggest cat species in the world.

Black-footed ferret

The Black-footed ferret is the only ferret species in North America that is closely related to the Steppe Polecat from Russia. These small carnivorous prairie animals were classified as endangered mammal in United States since 1967. I'm happy to see you! Black-footed ferrets weigh roughly about 1 kg and are around 45-55 cm long with

Alpine Marmot

The Alpine Marmot is a muscular rodent of the squirrel family, who spends most of its life underground. These small creatures can dig a cave earth so solid,  that a human with a pickaxe would have trouble doing the same. These small mammals inhabit territories mostly in the central and western part of the Alps,


The carabao is a subspecies of water buffalos that can be found in the Philippines, Malaysia, Guam, Indonesia and other countries from the South East Asia region. Carabaos are mainly used for farming because of their huge body size that is covered with thin grayish or black hair. Both the female and the male that

Back-Striped Weasel

Known as the most enigmatic creature of the wildlife, the back-striped weasel or Mustela strigidorsa is distinguished for its famous silver dorsal streak that extends from the back of its neck and all the way to the end of its tail and the yellowish-white line on its belly. The back-striped weasel is a mysterious creature

Least Weasel

The Least Weasel is the smallest carnivore and is hardly seen as it is rarely trapped. The Least Weasel can be found anywhere in the world however the smallest species is found in North America and the largest is in northern Africa. The size of the least weasel will depends on where it is found.

Siberian Mountain Weasel

Also known as the Siberian Weasel, Himalayan Weasel, or Kolinsky, the Siberian Mountain Weasel is a rust-colored weasel. They can be found all over eastern Asia, from as far north as the Sea of Okhotsk, to as far south as Guangdong in China. In the east, they can go as far as Russia, Tibet, and

Mountain Weasel

This cute little creature is also known as the Altai weasel or the pale weasel, and it prefers to live in high altitudes of 11,480 feet or more as well as rocky tundra and grassy woodlands. The Mountain Weasel rest in abandoned burrows, tree trunks, and rock crevices belonging to other animals or animals they

Naked Mole Rat

Also known as a sand puppy or a desert mole rat, the naked mole rat is a burrowing rodent that is native to East Africa. It is known as being one of 2 eusocial mammals that has highly unusual physical traits that allows it to thrive in harsh, underground environments such as having a very

European Polecat

The European Polecat is a solitary night hunter. These animals are close relatives to skunks, and both can excrete an incredibly unpleasant scent from special glands, almost completely paralyzing the respiratory system of the enemy. The European Polecat inhabits territories in Europe, from the Ural Mountains in East to Spain in West. These mammals have


The Topi is one of the largest antelopes inhabiting the African savannas and is also possibly the fastest one. When running from danger, these antelopes can even jump over each other. Their natural habitat are the African savannas from Senegal and Sudan, stretching over all the Eastern and Southern African territories. This impressive mammal reaches


The Serval is a slim and beautiful predator that lives in the bushy savannas of Africa. This cat is a very capable hunter, able to catch low flying birds, catch fish in the water and pick small mammals out of their caves. They inhabit all territories in Africa south of the Sahara desert, except for

South American Tapir

Tapirs are one of the oldest mammals on Earth, and their appearance hasn’t changed for 35 million years. Currently there are Tapir species – three in Central and Southern America and one in Asia. The South American Tapir inhabits the Eastern and Central part of South America. These mammals reach a length of 180-210 cm

Common Gray Mongoose

The Common Gray Mongoose also known as the Indian Gray Mongoose is a small species of predator that live in India, Sri Lanka and nearby territories. These capable hunters are often bred in captivity to help get rid of rats, mice and other unwelcome guests. Despite its modest appearance, the Mongoose is a very capable

Mountain Reedbuck

Mountain Reedbuck or Redunca Fulvorufula is a very elegant animal. This antelope inhabits mountainous areas – up to 5 km high (3 miles) near  African savannas where the plant life is poor. Differently from other African antelopes the Mountain Redbuck stays in the same place for the whole year and does not get involved in