Category: Ghosts

The Devil Goat

The story of the Devil Goat was initially told by a young man called Damon Rudge who was reciting a ghostly experience his grandfather had had many years ago. This experience was one that his grandfather never forgot and one that still chills Damn to this very day. Damon’s grandfather, a man by the name

Ghosts of the White House

The White House, a symbol of the American people, a symbol of the US Government and a symbol of presidency. Is the White House a symbol of ghosts too? For many years the White House has been a powerful symbol to the American people, ever since George Washing signed an act of congress, however for

The Bell Witch

The story of the Bell Witch is a very famous story and part of the inspiration behind films such as American Haunting and The Blair Witch Project. The tale follows the life of John Bell after being cursed by the ‘Bell Witch’, Kate Batts. As the story goes Kate believed she had been cheated on