Category: Cryptids

Fear Liath

The  Fear Liath or also known as the Big Grey Man is an entity reported to lurk on the mountain of Ben MacDui in Scotland. Encounters with this enigmatic creature range from the 1800’s to the present day and vary from reports of an eerie presence to sightings of a large humanoid figure. Reports on

Nain Rouge

The Nain Rouge is a small child-like creature that is sometimes described as a dwarf or a gnome and is seen as a bad omen in Detroit, USA. ‘Nain Rogue’ can be translated roughly to ‘red dwarf’ or ‘red gnome’ in French and witnesses in Detroit often report seeing this elusive creature before disasters. In


The Almas are reported to be hairy bipedal hominid creatures that are said to be found across central Asia, Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.  The first reported sightings of the Almas date back to the 1400’s. The name ‘Almas’ is used to refer to this type of hominid rather than a specific creature and is taken