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Bali Tiger

The Bali Tiger was part of the  Panthera Tigris species which also included the now extinct Javan Tiger and the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger. The Bali Tiger is believed to have become extinct around 1937, although the exact date is open to debate. Some believe that there may still be a small population of the

North African Elephant

The North African Elephant or otherwise known as the Atlas Elephant was believed to have been found all across North Africa, reaching down to the Eritrean and Sudanese coasts. Sadly these fantastic animals became extinct relatively recently in the Roman era. The North African Elephant’s which are most famous for their roles as war elephants

Schomburgk’s Deer

Schomburgk’s Deer was a species of deer native to Thailand and garnered its curious name from the British consul in Bangkok at the time, Sir Robert H. Schomburgk. This now extinct species of deer was first given a written description in 1863 by Edward Blyth. Although widely believed to be extinct and classified as such

Japanese Sea Lion

The Japanese Sea Lion is a now extinct species of sea lion that was native to the sea of Japan, it is believed to have become extinct sometime during the 1950’s. The Japanese Sea Lion inhabited a fairly wide range covering most of the sea of Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Even today it is


The Baiji is a now extinct species of river dolphin that lived exclusively in the Yangtze River in China. The Baiji or Goddess of the Yangtze was known by a number of different names such as Yangtze Dolphin, Chinese River Dolphin, Whitefin Dolphin and the Yangtze River Dolphin. Although the Baiji is currently believed to

Pig-footed Bandicoot

The Pig-footed Bandicoot was a small marsupial around the size of a small cat that was found in Australia. Currently the Pig-footed Bandicoot is classed as extinct however recent studies in 2007 led many a researcher to believe there may still be a small population that is currently unknown to mankind. Its safe to say

The Devil Goat

The story of the Devil Goat was initially told by a young man called Damon Rudge who was reciting a ghostly experience his grandfather had had many years ago. This experience was one that his grandfather never forgot and one that still chills Damn to this very day. Damon’s grandfather, a man by the name

Ghosts of the White House

The White House, a symbol of the American people, a symbol of the US Government and a symbol of presidency. Is the White House a symbol of ghosts too? For many years the White House has been a powerful symbol to the American people, ever since George Washing signed an act of congress, however for

The Bell Witch

The story of the Bell Witch is a very famous story and part of the inspiration behind films such as American Haunting and The Blair Witch Project. The tale follows the life of John Bell after being cursed by the ‘Bell Witch’, Kate Batts. As the story goes Kate believed she had been cheated on


The Deinotherium or ‘terrible beast’ was a large prehistoric mammal similar to modern day elephants. Although similar to today’s elephants, there are a handful of differences such as a shorted trunk and downward curving tusks. The Deinotherium was also much bigger than today’s elephants and is currently thought to have been the third largest land

Woolly rhinoceros

Survivors of the last glacial period, the Woolly rhinoceros once roamed most of Northern Europe. Spanning from Siberia to the arid deserts that now make up Southern England the Woolly rhinoceros is thought to have become extinct around 8000 B.C. The Woolly rhinoceros roamed the lands around the same periods as the better known  Woolly


Glyptodon was a massive armored mammal roughly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, these large mammals were native to South America but eventually migrated through Central and North America. The Glyptodon physically resembled a variety of creatures with similar characteristics to turtles, ankylosaurs and armadillos, the latter of which the Glyptodon is related to. Although


The Macrauchenia was a mammal with long limbs and a long neck that gets is name from the Greek for ‘big neck’. This extinct mammal was native to South America, specifically Argentina where, to-date the only fossil specimens have been found. The first Macrauchenia specimen was found by Charles Darwin on the voyage of Beagle


The Moa-nalo were a species of ducks that were similar physically to geese and native to the larger of the Hawaiian Islands in the pacific. These large herbivorous ducks, although native to the Hawaiian Islands did not inhabit Hawaii itself are they are believed to have been the main herbivores of the Hawaiian Islands before


The Pika is a small mammal that resembles a chinchilla and can be found in colder climates like North America, Asia and Eastern Europe and once was found in Britain however the British branch of the species is now extinct. These small mammals are believed to have gotten the name ‘Pika’ from the Russian ‘pikat’