Red Munia | Strawberry Finch

The Red Munia is a small bird that is found in Southern Asia, and other areas including India.
It is estimated that there are about ten million of the Red Munia, which is also called the Strawberry Finch.

The Red Munia will flock and move to feeding areas in large groups literally covering the ground in fields where they will pick at seeds and insects.

Female Red Munia
Female Red Munia

They are quite popular as cage birds and are often caught to be kept as pets in India and areas such as Cambodia, China and Egypt, where they are native birds to the area. They are well liked as pets due to their pleasant call and their bright coloration.

The Red Munia are also native to Burma, Nepal, Pakistan and Thailand.
The Strawberry Finch, or Red Munia has also been introduced and now lives in Spain, Portugal, Singapore and Hawaii.

The Strawberry Finch is a very colorful bird, particularly the males, who are colored much more brightly than the females, reminscent of the colors of a cardinal in male and female.

male Red Munia in breeding colors
male Red Munia in breeding colors

The normal area where the Munia can be found in the wild are open grassy areas and paddy’s or fields near them.
The Red Munia breed during the monsoon season, or the rainy time in India.

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