Jambu Fruit Dove

The Jambu Fruit Dove is the known most unique dove species in the world that can mostly be found in the South East Asia region in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The dove mainly lives in the tropical rainforest high up to about 1,500 meters in the trees but the decreasing size of the rainforest due to city developments, the Jambu Fruit Dove is evaluated as near threatened amongst the many wild animals in the rainforest. The Jambu Fruit Dove is famous for its distinctive features and colors of bright pink and green. Their many features also include a white eye ring, bright orange bill and red feet. They are also famous for its breeding characteristics that are almost similar to normal doves.

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Jambu fruit doves are one of the most beautiful birds in the world

The Jambu Fruit Dove is a small dove just a little bigger than the size of a soda can. It has different features and characteristics depending on its gender. A male Jambu Fruit Dove has a red crimson face with black chin. The top of its body is covered entirely in bright lime green color and its belly is covered in white feathers with a distinctive pink patch on its breast. The bottom of its tail is covered in chocolate brown colored feathers. As for its counterpart, it has a much duller appearance with a dark purple face with dark chin, green upper parts and white underbelly with cinnamon under-tail.

The Jambu Fruit Dove young resembles much like the female Jambu Fruit Dove. Even the young male resembles its mother until it began to fledge and develop the adult male features which will take up to thirty nine weeks since it hatched. The Jambu Fruit Dove only lay up to two eggs but most of the time it would lay only one white egg in which it will be incubated for about two to three weeks until it hatched. During the incubation period, the male and female dove will take turns as the eggs are on constant watch from any threat from predators. Usually the male dove will take the day shift while the female will continue in the night. Even after it has hatched, the young are still on constant watch for almost eight to twelve weeks.

Jambu Fruit dove Ptilinopus jambu at Louisville Zoo e1281606822207 Jambu Fruit Dove
Jambu Fruit Dove at the Louisville Zoo

Male Jambu Fruit Doves are known to carry the responsibility of protecting its territory while the female will be the one that build the nest using twigs, root and grasses. When it feels threatened, the male dove will raise its wings, bobs its head forward and coo threateningly. Sometimes it will peck its intruder if it still feels threatened. This type of dove is known to be shy and inconspicuous thus they are mostly seen traveling solo or in pairs.

Jambu Fruit Dove eats fruits directly from the trees. Sometimes they are seen consuming fruits that were dropped by hornbills and monkeys. Just like any other dove, the Jambu Fruit Dove too can drink water by sucking through its beak. It can continue sucking without raising its beak from the water.

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