Crowned Pigeon

This pigeon is among the largest of all Pigeons. Typically living in New Guinea lowland forests, they have received their name thanks to a crown of feathers propped on top of the bird’s head, which also makes for a lovely creature.

Crowned Pigeon
Crowned Pigeon

The Crowned Pigeon grows to what could be considered a young turkey’s size. And while the crest of the bird makes it easily recognizable, the other feathers it displays are not unremarkable. There are slightly purple feathers on its back, and bluish ones in the tail.

This particular pigeon prefers to put a nest high up a tree where it will lay one egg to which both parents give their full attention. Chicks are born pretty much without any substantial feathers after about a month. Unlike some other types of birds, however, this little chick will continue to get food from its parents up to a month after it leaves the nest!

Crowned pigeons enjoy bugs, fruit, and seeds. Unfortunately, this gorgeous bird is highly vulnerable to extinction mostly because it’s been over-hunted for its feathers and as a gourmet food. It is on the protected list.

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