The Brolga is a very large grey crane like bird with a red head that is without feathers, and a tall grey crown.

Their legs are grey and a black dewlap of skin rests under their chin.

The Brolga is well known for its loud call which is trumpet like, and given during flight, at rest or during courtship dances.

The Brolga crane
The Brolga crane

They can be as tall as 36-40 inches in height and will weigh in at about twenty pounds. The females are slightly smaller than the males.

Even when it is not breeding season the Brolgas will rest in flocks, forming groups of several hundred birds.

The Brolga mate in springtime, producing two to three mottled eggs which are incubated for about 30 days.

Both parents will care for the chicks which are ready to fly in about 3 months.

They will also dance, during and outside of mating season, and the display is spectacular and highly energetic.

They can take place at any time of the year and by birds of nearly any age, not just mating ages partake in the dance.

The Brolga inhabits large open wetlands, grassy plains, coastal mudflats and irrigated croplands and, less frequently, mangrove-studded creeks and estuaries, being less common in arid and semi-dry regions, but will still live there, occurring primarily close to water.

Flying Brolga
Flying Brolga

These Bolga groups Once formed may be partially nomadic or may stay in the same area. Those which migrate will fly several hundred miles at a time.

Brolgas are omnivorous (feeding on both vegetable and animal matter), but primarily feed upon tubers and some crops. Some insects, mollusc’s, amphibians and even mice are also taken.

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