Month: March 2011

Giraffes triumphant return home

These giraffes looked more like sailors as they floated across Lake Baringo, Kenya to their new home; you would never guess that they would actually prefer munching leaves from tall trees with their feet planted firmly on dry ground. giraffes return home They disappeared from their native habitat over 70 years ago and these eight

UFOs zoom over Peru

So here we are again, amongst yet another peculiar UFO sighting. On this occasion we get to speculate over footage taken from an aircraft that was flying over the Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines While watching this video found on YouTube (see below), one cannot help but think of the many hoaxes that have surfaced

Eat a cow and take it home too

Meat lovers rejoice: A new American restaurant in Brooklyn, New York has come up with an innovative way for you to have you cow and eat it too. Marlow & Sons restaurant offers leather fashion items that have just come from the cow that was on a customer’s plate only moments before. Leather handbag, anyone?