Mister Ed

Was a show that played in the 1960’s about a horse, who could speak to his human owner. Mr Ed was a very popular television show for children and adults alike.

Mr Ed was about the adventures, or misadventures of Wilbur Post, an architect who was played by Alan Young.

Mr Ed
Mr Ed

Mr Ed got Wilbur in many situations due to the fact that he would only speak to Wilbur.
In one episode screen superstar Mae West guest starred, which was remarkable in and of itself.

The horse who portrayed Mr Ed as a palomino named Bamboo Harvester.
He was foaled in 1950, at a farm in California.

Trained by Les Hilton who was a friend and protégée of Will Rogers, Bamboo Harvester showed remarkable intelligence and portrayed Mr Ed most admirably.

The show was cancelled in 1968 and two years later, Bamboo began to suffer from age. About two years later at the age of 19, he developed kidney and joint problems.

Mr Ed, Bamboo Harvester was very quietly put to sleep in 1970 at the ripe age of 19.
Another horse that had also been used for the still photos of Mr Ed lived until 1979, however he was never used in the series.

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