Hickory Horned Devil

The Hickory Horned Devil is the caterpillar larvae of the Regal Moth.

The eggs of the Regal Moth hatch approximately 7 – 10 days after being laid. Initially the larvae is very small and of a yellowish condition, this will not last long however as the larvae will quickly become darker.

As a young larvae  the Devil’ will spend its days sleeping and disguising itself as bird feces by curling into a shape that resembles a ‘J’.

As the Devil’ begins to age it will start feeding through the daytime, after a time the Devil’ will then proceed to shed its skin, this process is done 5 times with each instar looking noticeably different, on the 6th it becomes a powerful green colour with vicious red horns tipped with black atop its head, this is where the name ‘Hickory Horned Devil’ originates from.

The Horned Devil’ however is not dangerous at all. Its colouring is a visual attack at predators to warn them.

The Devil will feed on its host plant mostly and can eventually grow up-to 15cm long before becoming a cocoon and emerging a Regal Moth.

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