African pygmy squirrel

The African pygmy squirrel is found in western and central Africa and is the smallest species of squirrel known to humans, measuring at around 70mm head to toe this tiny squirrel is roughly the size of a common mouse. Currently listed as ‘Data Deficient’ the African pygmy squirrel’s habitat has been recently facing serious deforestation however the remaining population numbers are unknown.

Being so small, the African pygmy squirrel can easily be mistaken for a mouse however its physical traits represent a squirrel rather than a mouse like the size suggests. The African pygmy squirrel has a unique jaw structure and only has one premolar at each side of its mouth. Dark in coloration the coat of the African pygmy squirrel is almost green at times with a much lighter underside which can sometimes be a clear white color.

pygmysquirrel1 African pygmy squirrel
A rare llight coated African pygmy squirrel
A rare llight coated African pygmy squirrel

Ranging across western and central Africa the African pygmy squirrel can be found across Gabon, Guinea, Cameroon and Congo land. The preferred habitat of the African pygmy squirrel is forest land and its very unlikely that you would see one of these rare squirrels outside of the forest. Inside the forest habitat, the African pygmy squirrel can be found at all heights.

When it comes to the African pygmy squirrel the type of forest makes no difference with them being found in any type of forest across the western and central range. The African pygmy squirrel’s tend to stay low in the forest while still keeping off of the ground floor away from predators. Their diet consists mainly of bark which they strip off using their teeth and claws. The African pygmy squirrel’s are active throughout the day and although generally live alone they are known to live in close proximity without conflict.


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