The Stinging Stonefish

Another of the most dangerous animals, though not often heard from, comes to us from Arabian Waters.

Probably the most dangerous fish in the waters surrounding Arabia, up to and including sharks, is the very small stonefish.

Although stonefish are very common in the shallow waters off Arabia’s very long coastline, the accidents that involve being stung by one are fairly rare and recognizing what the fish is is hard to do.
The stonefish has some incredible camouflage which makes them nearly impossible to detect unless you are a very experienced fish watcher. The Stone fish has thirteen very long spikes that lie along their back.They are nearly invisible when lying in place and when they are stepped on or angered in any way, the spines will lock upright, and inject a poison into the foot or other body part that has touched them


Stonefish prefer shallow water, and will rest in waters about three feet deep if given a choice, although they can also be found at much deeper areas as well.They will very often cling to rocks that are covered in algae, anchoring themselves effectively to the surface of the stone and seeming to blend into the background of the rock almost perfectly.The greatest danger of your being stung is when wading through shallow waters in Arabia and especially when on the reefs. It is recommended that anyone wading there wear thick soled sandals or shoes in the water or to shuffle your feet rather than pick them up to scare away the stone fishes.

These are precautions that are given to tourists to this area.
The stone fish poison has a vast and varied effect on several systems of the body, however the sting of the stonefish is usually not fatal if you take the correct measures to lessen the effects of the toxin and receive stonefish antivenin which is available in most health care facilities there.

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