Salmon are widely known as species of the family Salmonidae. They live along the coasts of Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean. Salmon are also called as anadromous as they spend most of their lifetime in the ocean and will only return to fresh water to spawn.

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Chinook salmon

Freshwater streams supply important natural environment for many salmon species. While they are young, they feed on earthbound and aquatic insects and other shellfish or parasites. Salmon eggs are placed in deeper water with larger pebbles where its need good water flow and suitable cool temperatures to supply oxygen to develop embryos. In the early life stages of the salmon, its mortality is usually high due to its predation and changes in global such as siltation, low oxygen concentration, high water temperatures, loss of stream cover and reductions in river flow.

As they grow bigger and older, salmon’s skin color will completely change from the silvery blue to a darker color. The salmon normally spend between one to five years in the open ocean before they become sexually mature. The mature salmon will return to their natal stream fresh water to spawn. Salmon is an amazing fish of which sometimes can travel or swim hundreds of miles upstream against the strong currents and rapids to reproduce. Prior to the spawning, salmon grows a hump and develop canine teeth while a male salmon develops a pronounced curvature of the jaws.

Salmon has several species depending on which ocean they are from such as either from Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean. Salmon from Atlantic Ocean has only one species which is called Atlantic Salmon whereas Pacific Ocean has several species. Pacific Ocean species are Cherry salmon or seema, Chum salmon, Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Pink salmon and also Sockeye salmon. Among them also are the largest and a permanent fresh water species called the huchen or Danube salmon.

Salmon aquaculture is the biggest economic contributor to the production of farmed fin-fish in the world. Other commonly seasoned fish species include catfish, tilapia, sea bass, trout, carp and bream. Salmon is a carnivorous creature that feeds on its fellow sea animals. Salmon is a popular fish that people like to eat, which can be grown in farms. However, the best salmon is wild salmon.

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Norweigian smoked salmon bagel

Salmon is among the most popular food in the world and also considered to be health as it contents high omega-3 fatty acid, high protein, and high vitamin D. Salmon flesh is commonly orange to red in color, although there are some wild salmon with white flesh.

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