Parrot Fish

The Parrot fish never failes to thrill and impress the diver or snorkeler with his beauty and grace, but even if they are not impressed by the way in which he looks, they cannot fail to be impressed by the slow, stately graceful way in which he swims.

Adult Parrot Fish
Adult Parrot Fish

Some of the largest of the reef fish, the Parrot fish swims around the reef and as it does so it does a valuable service to the reef.

The parrot fish scrapes the algae off of the coral on the reef, using its fused beak-like teeth, and in the process breaks off the coral bits at the same time.

the Regal parrotfish
the Regal parrotfish

At night the parrot fish sleeps on the bottom of the reef and secretes a mucous cocoon, which is a blanket that is  believed to be completely unique in the fish world.

The Parrot fish is generally about twenty inches long , and are counted as among the largest of the reef fish species. They can be as short as 3 inches and as long as four feet when fully grown.

The Parrot Fish has fused teeth, that resemble a parrots beak, and has a large scaled body that is very brightly colored. The colors can vary in range and hue. There are many varieties of Parrot Fishes and each can be a different color.

The parrot fish has a dorsal fin that contains many small spikes as well as soft rays.
They live in the shallow waters of the warmer seas, typically always near reefs and grassy flat areas.


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