Ages ago in the spring time of the earth species that were unlike anything we know today wandered across the countries and owned everything they saw.

Triceratops was one of those species.

It lived in what is now Canada, Mexico and the United States.


Triceratops was an herbivore, which means that it liked plants and flowers. It inhabited the open wood lands, and the prairies and countryside eating plants and hard branches.

Its beak was sharp and helped it to peel bark and cut branches to make it easier for Triceratops to eat.

Triceratops was the very largest of all the horned dinosaurs.

Triceratops means, three horned lizard.

It used its massive head and horns to protect it from enemies, among which were Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, or the infamous TRex.

Triceratops was thought to live in herds, and to circle the infants, much as the buffalo does today.

There were sixteen species of Triceratops, who laid eggs and apparently protected them until they hatched. Every triceratops herd had a herd leader; it is supposed and followed him on the migrations.

Triceratops lived about sixty million years ago.

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