Giant Short Faced Bear

The Giant Short Faced Bear is believed to be the largest bear that ever existed.

It would have toad about 5 feet tall at the shoulder and been the proud possessor of the strongest most powerful jaws that had ever been seen.

Giant Short Faced Bear
Giant Short Faced Bear

Frightening to say the very least.

IT would be about 9 or ten feet when standing on its well muscled hind legs and weigh in at an amazing 16 to 17 HUNDRED pounds.

The giant short-faced bear seems to have been a very big bear. Compared to those which live now, it would have much longer legs and a much wider mouth.

It had a very broad flat face and a very powerful means to bite. Long ago it lived in North America, where the United States is now.

They lived in the areas of open ground during the ice ages in North America from the tundra far into the grassy lands in the south.

It was a carnivore, which means it ate meat, and was also probably a scavenger as well as killing its own prey.

Giant short faced bears went extinct about 12 thousand years ago.

Scientists consider it likely that it was the ancestor of the Specatacled Bear of today.


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