Cypress Tree

The cypress is an ever green tree with a very aromatic wood as well as the greenery. It has an angled, what is known as a buttressed trunk that has many branches and a very Cypress trees can grow from between forty to seventy feet tall, and will sometimes be as much as three feet around.

The Cypress Tree
The Cypress Tree

The leaves of the Cypress tree are ever green, and grow in rows. They are rather scaley, and a dull yellowish green on top while a pale blue green color below.
The bark of the cypress tree is quite distinctive, it is quite fibrous and looks a bit like material, and shreds very well. It is cracked with small ridges in the cracks that connect it

The Cypress tree proliferates by sending out cones that are about an inch long, and carry tiny seeds with very narrow wings on them.

They are most likely the first North American tree to be introduced into Europe, being one of the things that was discovered by the French explorers and taken home to Paris, where it was planted in the 1500’s. It was revered because a tea that was brewed from it saved the crew of an explorer Cartier, from scurvy, being very high in vitamin C.

It was there named arborvitae, which is Latin meaniong “tree-of-life,” in 1558.

The Cypress tree grows in swamps and damper areas, and does grow very slowly, reaching ages older than four hundred years./

It was traditionally used for canoes by the Native Americans who also used the outer bark to start their camp fires.

Aside from being high in vitamin c, the cedar tree oil is still used for medicine.


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