White Clover

(Trifolium repens)
White clover is a type of clover that is native to most of Europe, Great Britain, North Africa as well as North America.

White Clover is a perennial, self seeding.
It grows low to the ground, with white coloredflowers that very often have tints of pink or cream colored on their ends.
The heads of the white clover are usually about half an inch side, and the leaves are deep green, three lobed, (or once in a while four) and are smooth and oval in shape.

The White Clover Flower
The White Clover Flower

It will grow in turf, with crops or in landscaped areas, and is found in a range of different fields and field environments.

It is hardy enough to take being closely mowed, will grow on a vast array of soil types and ph values, but really prefers clay in which to make its home
White clover is widely believed to be beneficial to natural lawn care because it can compete with lawn weeds and also alleviate problems with nitrogen in the soil,.
“Natural nitrogen fixing reduces leaching from the soil and can reduce the incidence of some lawn diseases that are enhanced by the availability of synthetic fertilizer.”
Clover is a wonderful healthful forage for livestock and are also a survival food for humans, being very high in protein, containing liquid, are widely found in nature and can sustain life.
ALthough they are difficult to digest, they can be boiled for about 5 minutes making them far easier to digest.

White clover can also make a nutritious survival food
White clover can also make a nutritious survival food

The Dried flowers and seeds as well can be ground to make a very nutritious flour, and when mixed with other foods or steeped, make a healthy tea.

Many people consider clover a weed when growing in lawns, however this is partly because the flowers seem to attract several types of bees which they consider pests..

Additionally the white clover is the only known type of plant that the case-bearer moth Coleophora mayrella feed caterpillars will feed on.

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