Top 10 Locations Any Diver Needs To Visit

Nestled in all corners of the world are beautiful places to go diving. Many areas provide views of historic wreckage from naval battles, showing the brutal history and commemorating it all at once. Others allow you to have close encounters with marine life, offering an experience that cannot be recreated anywhere else. The beauty is

Thunder Thighs dinosaur discovered

Hefty thighbones and a sharp hip are descriptions of another new species of dinosaur that has recently been identified. The science world has nicknamed this dinosaur, “Thunder Thighs” because of its massive hind legs that would have been used to ward off predators. The new species’ bones were actually found in 1994 in a Utah

Two New Dandelion Species Discovered in Spain

The Annales Botanici Fennici journal published a study which states that Taraxacum lacianense and Taraxacum decastroi are the two species of dandelion that have been newly discovered in Spain. The plants were found in the Cordillera Cantábrica Mountains and the Pyrenees. The beautiful Cordillera Cantábrica Mountains in Spain These recently found species are characterized by

The Great White Shark is Endangered

As far as the Great White Shark is concerned, humans are not a bit tasty. It’s sea lions they prefer. North Americans may not be seeing the Great White Shark much anymore because they are endangered with only 219 sharks left off the coast of central California. Not even the large Polar Bears or Killer

Bat Diet Forensics Aid Conservation

Molecular Ecology published a study which states that due to molecular technology, researchers know the diet of bats, although these night mammals feed on the wing and in the dark. Could the diet of this bat aid conservation efforts? Dr. Elizabeth Clare at the Bristol University, U.K., the main author, underlined the importance of understanding

Zombie Ants Manipulated by 4 New Fungi Species

PLoS ONE, the online journal, published a research on March 2nd which was discussing the problem of the zombie ants, also known as parasitized carpenter ants, which are actually more common than formerly realized when scientists discovered another four species of “zombifying” Brazilian fungi which seem to have a staggering influence on the above-mentioned zombie