UFOs zoom over Peru

So here we are again, amongst yet another peculiar UFO sighting. On this occasion we get to speculate over footage taken from an aircraft that was flying over the Nazca Lines.

The Nazca Lines
The Nazca Lines

While watching this video found on YouTube (see below), one cannot help but think of the many hoaxes that have surfaced over the years regarding UFO’s. As you watch the video, about a few minutes in, you will see what “appears” to be a small shadow of a hole in the clouds. Now while some claim this to be the UFO, on a raging collision course with the plane, others assume this to be nothing more than a falsified video with a spec of dirt on the screen.

For many years people have been fascinated, and slightly freaked out, by the Nazca Lines and their origins. Some claim that the Nazcas, themselves, created these picturesque lines while others speculate that this may be the result of beings that are not of this Earth.

There are many people that claim this UFO sighting in Peru was actually a UFO that was using the Nazca Lines as a guide or somewhat of a “road map” to navigate itself through the desert. Yes, that’s right, the aliens needed a map just the humans.

One 1940’s historian named Paul Kosok theorized that these lines had a direct link the suns’ location throughout any point in a year. He also assumed that this could be said for the stars as well. Many astronomers doubted the formulation of Kosok’s ideology and later proved him wrong. It was said that there was no connection that could possibly be made between the stars, the sun, and the Nazca Lines.

National Geographic, themselves, have thought that the Nazca Lines are a complete map of water ways throughout the underground part of the desert. While this may be one explanation of why these lines exist, there are still limitless claims to these fantastic and extraordinary depictions.


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