Toxic Tiger Snake

The Tiger Snake is a very large poisonous snake that is primarily found in the tropical and subtropical areas of Australia.

As Australian animals go is it among the most poisonous, in a land that features toxic things aplenty.

Tiger snakes are found in fairly large numbers and since there are several types, the populations of more than one type may be living in the same areas.

The Highly Toxic Tiger Snake Shows His Fangs
The Highly Toxic Tiger Snake Shows His Fangs

The tiger snake is quite large, one of the largest of the snakes, and can grow up to seven feet long, and range in color from pale to very dark. Their colors can range from olive to yellow to deep jet black, while the underside is lighter yellow or cream. The tiger snake is strictly an Australian animal, and does not live in other countries in the wild.

The Tiger snake is not normally an aggressive snake, but will bite those who are aggressive tot hem.
They are very poisonous, and may in fact be fatal in about 45% of the bites if they are not treated quickly.

Tiger snakes are live bearing snakes and will give birth to as few as twelve and as many as thirty or forty young snakes. The record for live snakes born to a tiger snake was 64 in one litter.

Tiger Snake
Tiger Snake

The Tiger snake is not an overly aggressive snake and whenever it can will run from a fight, but when threatened and unable to flee will flatten their bodis and raise their heads above the ground in a menacing pre-strike gesture.
Their venom is what is known as a neurotoxin and is a highly potent one potentially deadly if not treated as soon as possible.


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