Green Anaconda

Part of the Boa family of snakes, the Green Anaconda, which is native to South American is one of the largest snakes in the world.
Although the Reticulated Python does get longer, the Anaconda is more than twice as heavy and a great deal larger around than its better known cousin.

The Green Anaconda can get mor than 25 feet long, and will sometimes weigh over 500 pounds.They can measure more than a foot around
The female Green anaconda is much larger than the male.

There are many other anaconda species although all of them are smaller than the Green Anaconda

The anaconda lives in the swamp, marshy areas and streams that move rather slowly, and generally the Green Anaconda will live in the tropical rain forests. They are quite slow and unwieldy when on the land but when in the water are extremely fast and silent.
The Green Anacondas eyes and his nostrils are on top of the head, making it easy for them to lay still while waiting for a prey animal to show up. They can stay almost completely under the water to attack their prey.
The Green Anacona eats a diet that consists of wild pigs, deer, birds, capybara(large rodents) caiman and even will take and eat a jaguar.

The Green Anaconda is not poisonous, but kills it’s prey by constricting it,curling around the body of the prey until the animal cannot breath.

They have elastic like ligaments in their jaws that let them swallow the animal whole even if it is much larger than they are, and they can go readily for several weeks or even months after a big meal without eating at all.

The Green anaconda female keeps her eggs inside and gives birth to live babies, who are about 1.5-2 feet long when they are born. Almost as soon ast hey are born they are ready to hunt and can swim nearly immediately.


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