The most common type of cobra is the Indian cobra or what is called the spectacled cobra, which is very common to the India, and has long been associated with the snake charmers.

Cobras of all varieties are widespread.

The cobra is recognised by its most visible feature, which is the hood. The hood is a flap of skin on the neck that can be erected, or flattened when it feels threatened.


Cobras can be many colors, including black, dark brown and even tan or yellow white. Most cobras large snakes, and can reach about 15 feet, but the average is about 8 feet.

Their bite is deadly, yet they have another method of defence as well. They can spit venom to the eyes of a victim.

This will incapacitate predators, however while irritating is not permanently damaging if washed out immediately.

The king cobra eats a primary diet of almost entirely meat. Primarily, it eats other snakes as well that make up most of its diet, although it does vary with smaller rodents and sometimes birds.

It will attack humans when provoked, and if untreated, its bite is lethal in as little as just 30 minutes.

King cobras will reach lengths of up to 17 feet long, making them the very largest poisonous snake in the world.

The venom of cobras is a neurotoxin, and extremely dangerous.

Charmed Cobra Snake
Charmed Cobra Snake

Any cobra bite is life threatening and medical assistance is an immediate need.
Some of the symptoms that will be felt by the victim are dizziness and extreme muscle weakness, including the muscles that you would use to breathe.

The Snake charmers in India will use harmless tricks to woo spectators to their craft.
As the cobra begins to rise from its basket, it will sway, seemingly in time to the music that the charmer plays.

The cobra however, can’t hear. The snake charmer uses the cobra’s natural actions to make it appear that they are being charmed and impress the audience.
It seems to me that anyone who has the nerve to handle a snake that can bite and kill you in less than half an hour has no need for additional methods to impress me.

What happens is that when the snake is taken from darkness to the light and open air, it rises up and spreads the hood, which is how it would react to a threat.

It will see the pipe being played and mistaking it for another swaying snake, will sway in time with it, to keep it in their line of vision, since cobras cannot swivel their eyes.

Cobra Snake
Cobra Snake

* In Vietnam, cobras are bottled in rice wine to produce snake wine, which is believed to possess medicinal properties.
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