The capybara (“Water pig”) is a semi aquatic animal which is an herbivore.

The capybara is also the world’s largest rodent.

Capybaras are native to much of the tropical and subtropical aspects of South America which lie east of the Andes Mountains.

It has also been brought to Florida to live in the subtropics of Florida.


Fully grown capybaras can reach up to 50 inches long and weigh about 100 pounds, or as much as 140. They are very large in size but for all their weight and height, they resemble guinea pigs.

They are remarkably good swimmers and to aid them in this have partly webbed feet. T
The front legs of the capybara have four toes, and the hind legs have three.

Capybara spends about 85% of their lives in water. They mate in the water, use it to escape and to conceal themselves from predators.

Chiefly they are preyed on by pumas, caimans and anacondas.

Capybara can spend a vast amount of time submerged, as much as several minutes.

They sleep underwater most of the time, leaving their noses out of the water to breathe.

Capybaras live in groups called herds for the most part.


In mating season, male capybara, using a pheromone gland rub the liquid on the surrounding plants to attract a female.

Capybara spends the time out of the water on the river banks feeding on vegetation both morning and evening.

They are darker brown in color, and reminiscent of the color of a deer.

They bear one, rarely two young at time and the young are much lighter in color than the adults.

Capybaras adapt readily to human presence and permit themselves to be petted and touched.

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