Red-kneed Tarantula

Red-kneed Tarantula is commonly found in Mexico.

It is stout and stocky in nature, and has a beautiful tan and black coloration, a darker colored legs and reddish orange patches on every “knee”.

The Red Knee Tarantula is very slow to grow, and also very long lived.

Red Kneed Tarantula
Red Kneed Tarantula

It is not uncommon to be more than 25 years when in captivity.

This slow growth is characteristic of most long-lived species. In fact, female specimens who have been in captivity for over 25 years are common.

The Red-kneed Tarantula will eat very aggressively. They will eat crickets, and most insects as well as smaller mice and rodents when they grow larger.

They live in deep burrows along the coastline of Mexico.

They will very often sunbathe at the entrance of their burrows, soaking up the rays of the sun and will even go so far as to drag their egg sacs to the entrance to warm the developing spiders in the sun.

Among the most docile and placid of species they will occasionally rear up on the hind two sets of feet when they are agitated or upset.

Tarantulas mate with the use of a sperm web. The male will approach the females lair or shelter cautiously and will vibrate his legs to lure her outside. He will then lunge forward to push the female into an upright position that is suitable for mating.

After mating the female will make an egg sac which will take several weeks.

This type tarantula will make very large egg sacs, which will usually produce upwards of 250 children.

The male will typically die several weeks after mating.

The young ones grow very slowly, and do not typically become adults for about 5 years after being birthed.

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