Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears are a very powerful animal that are native to North America, which grows to a height of nearly 8 feet when standing upright, and can weigh upwards of 1500 pounds.

Male grizzly bears, called boars, will weigh an average of twice as much as a female,
Grizzly bears are colored quite eclecticly, with their color ranging from blond to nearly black.

Scientists think that this is due to the many different geographies and environments where they live which changes their diet and hair a great deal over time.

Grizzlies have been called hump back bears due to the very predominant hump over its shoulders. The hump is a large mass of muscle that helps the grizzly to dig.

Grizzly Bear Female
Grizzly Bear Female

Although they are extremely large bears, they can run up to thirty five miles per hour when chasing or running from something.

Grizzly bears are very solitary in their lifestyle except during the mating season. Every other year, the female bears, called sows, will produce from one to as many as four cubs. When born they weigh less than a pound, and are blind.

By the time they emerge from the denning area they are able to move about on their own. Female bears are extremely protective of their cubs and will attack without provocation if they have cubs hidden nearby.

Female bears are very small in comparison to the males, but are extraordinarily fierce and have been known to drive away males who are double their size and weight.

Grizzlies live from Alaska, though a great deal of Canada, into Idaho, Montana, Washington State, Wyoming, but its primary range is Canada and Alaska.

It is believed that there are about 60,000 grizzly bears in North America. They can live for as long as thirty years but normally only live to be about 25 in the wild.

In the United States the Grizzly is listed as Threatened, while in Canada it is endangered.


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