Golden Fronted Woodpecker

The Golden Fronted Woodpecker, which is native to Texas and Oklahoma, lives in the scrubs areas, nearly always near cottonwood groves, in cactus groves and near rural areas in such habitats as this is about seven inches long,

They are black and white in color, with barred black and white backs, strong facial patterns which are also black and white and with gold above their beaks.

The Golden Fronted Woodpecker
The Golden Fronted Woodpecker

The female has a black cap as well as her gold patch, while the male has a red cap, both of which make the golden patches on their faces look much more pronounced.

They very often are seen feeding on the ground as well as in trees, and sometimes you will view a very low nest as well, being set into a fence post within just a few feet of the ground..

When they breed, the female will choose a hole that is found in a tree, cactus or a fence post, and deposit 3-5 eggs there, white in color, which hatch in about 28-30 days. Both woodpeckers take turns incubating the eggs until they hatch.

The Golden Fronted Woodpecker male assists in caring for the chicks, carrying food back to the nest. Their diet consists of primarily fruit, particularly cactus fruit, but they do also take in insects.

The Golden Fronted Woodpecker is found year round in Oklahoma and Texas where it frequents ranches, rural areas and is a frequent visitor of city parks.

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