Eurasian Black Vulture

The Eurasian Black vulture looks a great deal like the normal featherless headed vulture that you might envision.
The adult birds have dark brown or blackish brown feathres and a sort of blue gray colored head, neck and legs.

The Eurasian Black Vulture has a very broad wingspan, about 8 to 10 feet in total. They also feature very thick hooked beaks that help them to tear away at the carrion that they eat.

Eurasian Black Vulture
Eurasian Black Vulture

Their very strong big feet have blunt ended talons that are used for holding on to things while they are eating them.
The smaller, juvenile birds have black feathers, and the skin on their neck and head, as well as their legs is pink.
Adults Eurasian vultures can weigh in at about 28 pounds, and both sexes look almost exactly alike.
The females are much larger than the male birds.

The Eurasian Black Vulture is found in the mountain regions of Spain, in the Himalayas, both India and Tibet, as well as in Eastern Mongolia.
The Eurasian Black Vulture has been seen on Mount Everest at altitudes that would make a full grown man dizzy. They have been recorded at altitudes of up to four miles high, or about 23000 feet.

The Eurasian Black Vulture usually mates for life. Both male and female incubate and care for the chicks. and both guard the nest site and hunt and regurgitate food for the chicks..

The Eurasian Black Vulture will rob prey from other raptors and are at the literal apex of their own food chain. They literally don’t have natural predators and have a lifespan of about 40 years in the wild, however they are threatened due primarily to changes in their habitat, hunting and loss of food in their habitat range.

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