Category: Nature Videos

Irate Gorilla

This silverback gorilla doesn’t seem to enjoy being looked at as much as the onlookers are enjoying viewing him. He truly seems to object to being  entertainment for the crowd and makes his feelings well known by his actions.

Dog Daze

Watch as these dogs bounce and pull their way into your heart. Diving and dragging their owners with leashes and wagons they seem to be proving to us once and for all that they, not we are the real masters, and we’re simply  there to serve their needs.

Water Holding Frogs

This tiny Australian frog will do everything possible to stay alive through tough times. It uses its body like a canteen, its feet like shovels, and its skin like a cocoon.Click any message to view it in the reading pane. Attachments, pictures, and links from unknown senders are blocked to help protect your privacy and