Category: Aquatic Mammals

Humpback Whale

Some say the humpback whale is fifty feet long, others that it is more like sixty-five feet long. Either one is a pretty impressive length. Their flippers are very large also, from three feet wide to possibly 16 feet long. Humpback Whale Diving That is a nice size flipper for the female whale to protectively

Orca (killer whale)

The killer whales today evolved from mammals that had four legs. Inside the flippers of the whales is a bone structure typical of a four-legged animal’s foreleg and paw. Leg bones, unseen by us, are there buried in the flesh of whales. The tail of the whale is muscle. They most certainly were able to

Gray Whale

The Gray Whale is a baleen whale. What this means is that they have two blow holes and special plates that they can use to filter their food. Gray Whales are extremely large in size, and grow to as long as 45 feet. Gray Whales make an incredible migration which traverses the entire area from


Dolphins, along with whales are mammals, and are supposed by researchers and historians to be the remnants of land mammals, which entered the water to live several million years ago. Dolphins have residual legs near where the tail meets the body as you can see in this picture of a dolphin. Dolphins are very fast