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Pinyon Tree

The Pinyon Tree is an evergreen, found primarily in drier climates, such as dry foothills, mesas, canyons and areas that grow a great deal of scrub. It will grow from 20 to 40 feet tall, and has dark green needles that grow in sets of two as opposed to the leaf type tree. The Female

Magnolia Tree

The Evergreen Magnolia Tree has been around for several million years according to scientists. Fossils of Magnolia like trees have been found that date more than twenty million years, indicating the very ancient lineage of this, one of the most beautiful of trees. One scientific theory says that magnolias were the ancestors of nearly all

Calvaria Tree

The Calvaria Tree is a perfect example of the impact man can have on the environment without being aware of what we do. The Calvaria tree is a long lived hardwood, existing only in certain parts of the world, specifically the island of Mauritius where the hapless Dodo bird once made its home. The DODO,


The Sassafras is a deciduous tree (meaning that it sheds it’s leaves for the winter) which is native to North America, It is commonly found growing in hardwood forests, abandoned fields, fence rows, and areas that have been disturbed in some way. It may grow to 80 feet in height, but normally is 20 to

Oak Tree

The Oak is a hardwood, and is also what is known as a deciduous tree, which means that in the autumn it loses its leaves. The oak is a broad range tree and it is hard to find a tree which has a wider spread geographically. There are very few places in which one type

Maple Tree

There are well over 200 various trees in the family of trees that is known as maple. They are widely distributed around the world, usually in further northern climates, and are wide spreading trees, which have very thick leaves, which they lose in the autumn, otherwise known as deciduous. The leaves to a maple can