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Arctic Wolf

All wolves are supremely adaptable to their environment, but perhaps the most adaptable would be the arctic They have found a small space in the world where they are safe from the most dangerous predator of all… Arctic wolves live in packs of family members including the leaders, which are called the alpha male and


The number of penguin species has been and still is a matter of debate. The numbers of penguin species listed in the literature varies between 16 and 19 species. Some sources consider the White-flippered Penguin a separate Eudyptula species, while others treat it as a subspecies of the Little Penguin (e.g. Williams, 1995; Davis &

Polar Bear

The polar bear (Ursus maritimus), also known as the white bear, northern bear, or sea bear, is native to the Arctic. It is one of the two largest land carnivore species and the apex predator within its range. It is well-adapted to its habitat: its thick blubber and fur insulate it against the cold and

Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox is well adapted to live in the cold Arctic. In winter its thick, bushy coat turns white. This makes it very hard to see the fox. The prey is not able to spot the Arctic fox until it is too late. Because of its thick coat, it is able to survive in