Category: Ground Reptiles

Desert Tortoise

Desert Tortoises are land dwellers of the turtle family, which are reptilian in nature. The Desert Tortoises have brown shells 8-15 inches long with flattened front feet that are well suited for burrowing beneath the earth. The Desert tortoise will live in sandy and wooded areas in the south east and southwestern United States, primarily

Coral Snake

Most notable among their characteristics is the yellow, red, and black banding. Several species that are non-venomous have similar coloration, the only difference being the order of the colors. This has spawned many useful rhymes, such as “Red to yellow kills a fellow, red to black, venom lack.” This only applies to species found in

Komodo Dragon

In the wild, large adults tend to weigh around 70 kg (154 lbs). Captive specimens often weigh more. The largest verified wild specimen was 3.13 metres (10 feet 3 inches) long and weighed 166 kg (365 lbs), including undigested food. Komodo dragons have a tail that is as long as the body, as well as