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Common House Martin

Also known as the House Martin or Northern House Martin, the Common House Martin is a migratory passerine swallow that breeds in many areas around the world such as Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is one of the 2 martin species that make up the genus Delichon. The Common House Martin can be found in

Red-backed Fairywren

The Red-backed Fairywren is a passerine bird that is endemic to Australia. It was first scientifically described by the Orinthologist of the National Museum of Victoria, George Mack. A Red-backed Fairywren in Noosa, Queensland There are 2 sub-species that are recognised: Malurus melanocephalus melanocephalus – this is the nominate subspecies of Red-back Fairywrens. It has

Barn Swallow

One of the most widespread swallow species in the world is the Barn Swallow. This passerine bird can be found in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. This bird was first described scientifically by Carolus Linnaeus in his renowned work, Systema Naturae which was published in 1758. He gave this animal the name, Hirundo rustica.

Red-Billed Chough

The Red-billed Chough, or simply just known as the Chough, is a bird that belongs to the grow family. There are 8 Chough sub-species which breed in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This bird was first scientifically described by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758 in his famous published work, Systema Naturae. Linnaeus originally named it as

Common Raven

Also known as the Northern Raven, the Common Raven is a well known big black passerine bird. It is found all over the northern hemisphere. It was originally scientifically described by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758. The Common Raven is found all over the Northern Hemisphere There are 8 to 11 sub-species of the Common Raven.

Black Currawong

Also known as the Black Jay, the Black Currawong is a large passerine bird that is native to the Australian island state of Tasmania. It is closely related to the Australian Magpie and to butcherbirds. There are 3 sub-species of Black Currawongs, and one of these which is found on King Island is categorised as

Musk Lorikeet

The Musk Lorikeet is a type of lorikeet that belongs to the Glossopsitta genus. It was first described in 1970 by George Shaw as Psittacus concinnus from a colletion around Port Jackson, now known as Sydney. It is also known as the Green keet, Coolich, and the Red-eared Lorikeet. Musk Lorikeets are colourful These animals

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

The Eurasian Tree Sparrow is a bird that belongs to the sparrow family. It is also known as the Tree Sparrow in South-east Asia and Eurasia, but it is known as the German Sparrow or the Eurasian Tree Sparrow in the USA. There are a few subspecies that have been recognised, but the appearance of

Flame Robin

The Flame Robin is a small bird that is native to Australia. I tis usually found in the cooler parts of south-eastern Australia such as in Tasmania. It was first described scientifically 1830 by Jene Rene Contsant Quoy and Joseph Paul Gaimard who were French Naturalists. The name of the species that they gave, Muscicapa

Greater Crested Tern

Also known as the Swift Tern or the Crested Tern, the Greater Crested Tern is a seabird that belongs to the tern family. This family is known to nest in dense colonies along islands and coastlines in subtropical and tropical areas. There are 5 subspecies that are found between Australia and South Africa. A Greater


Belonging to the large bird family, Thamnophilidae, antbirds are found across tropical and subtropical Central and South America. They are many different types of antbirds, such as Pectoral Antwren, Variable Antshrike, and Ocellated Antbird. A dusky antbird Antbirds are normally found in humid lowland forests. Less than 10% of the Antbird species are found at

Northern Bald Ibis

Also known as the Waldrapp or the Hermit Ibis, the Northern Bald Ibisis a migratory bird that is currently on the Critically Endangered list. This bird is found in semi-desert, barren,. And rocky habitats that are close to running water. The Northern Bald Ibis is a critically endangered species The Northern Bald Ibis is about

Song Thrush

The Song Thrush is a thrush (type of bird) that breeds in Eurasia. It is also known as a mavis or throstle. It was first described in 1813 by the German Orinthologist, Christian Ludwing Brehm. He named it Turdus for Thrus which refers to the character, Philomela, in Greek mythology who had her tongue cut

Grey Currawong

The Grey Currawong is a native Australian bird that is in the genus Strepera. It is closely related to the Australian Magpie and the butcherbirds, which belong to the family Artamidae. It was first scientifically described in 1801 by John Latham, who called it the ‘Variable Crow’ as it has different colours. There are several

Peregrine Falcon

Also known as the Duck Hawk in North America and the Peregrine, the Peregrine Falcon is a cosmopolitan bird. There are about 17 to 19 sub-species which vary in range and appearance. As it ican reach up to speeds of 200mph/320 kmh in one stoop, it is one of the fastest creatures on Earth. The