Author: Angela Han

9,400-Year-Old Dog Bone Unearthed

A 9,400 year old dog skull fragment has been found amongst fossilised human waste. According to researchers, this is proof that humans have had domesticated dogs almost 10,000 years ago. Dog owner According to Samuel Belknap who is a graduate student of University of Maine, the dog skull bone fragment provides evidence that this dog

Giant Crayfish Discovered

This week, the internet has been buzzing with news of a brand new species of giant crayfish. This news delighted animal lovers and er, seafood eaters, all across the world. It probably also inspired those who love horror movies like Godzilla to shriek away from the creatures of the deep. But before you start screaming

Mammoth Scientific Ambitions

Although the ice age is well over and the woolly mammoth is thought to have become extinct over ten thousand years ago, it is the centre of an exciting new project created by scientists under the leadership of Kyoto University in Japan. The aim of this project is to us cloning technology to bring this

Ancient Mammoth Tusks = Cure for Modern Medicine

A 30,000 year old woolly mammoth tusks discovered in the Yukon may assist medical researchers in understanding bone diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Stephen Sims holds the portion of mammoth tusk that will be used to research osteoclasts. Photo: University of Western Ontario It is common for Scientists to use modern-day elephant tusks in

Man mails out hundreds of tarantulas

If you have a fear or insects or arachnids, you better not check your mail. A German national shipped hundreds of live tarantulas into the United States of America through the post. He pleaded guilty to a federal smuggling charge, said the prosecutors. You've got mail! The 37 year old man, Sven Koppler, pleaded guilty

Fox Shoots a Man with a Gun

It is every animal rights campaigners dream – Fox Shoots Man. And this is exactly what happened last Thursday on a cold winters day in the picturesque countryside of the Grodno region in north-western Belarus. Pleading innocence (or self-defense?) After wounding the fox from a distance, the hunter decided to approach the animal. But when

Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Fly

With the potential come back of the avian flu during some of the coldest winter weather in a long time, it is no surprise that alarm bells have been ringing in Romania when a flock of birds mysteriously died. However according to Veterinarians, they were just simply drunk. A European Starling searching for berries The


The smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua. It is named after the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. There are no breed standards for Chihuahuas. As a result, height varies between Chihuahuas. However, the general height of these dogs are between 6 to 10 inches. However, some can grow as tall as 15 inches. They cannot

Rufous-crowned Sparrow

The Rufous-crowned Sparrow is a small American sparrow. This bird is found mostly across South-western USA and Mexico. Populations of this bird are often isolated from each other. This bird has a brown back with darker streaks and grey underparts. It has a rufous crown and a grey face. The A. r. eremoeca There are

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Also known as a Banksian, Banks, or Black Cockatoo, the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is a bird that is native to Australia. They are commonly found in the drier parts of Australia. There are 5 subspecies recognised, though the most significant characteristic are the sizes of their beaks. Cool Crest! Out of the 5 subspecies of

White-winged Fairywren

A member of the fairywren family is the White-winged Fairywren. It was forst collected in 1818 on Louis de Freycinet’s voyage around the Southern Hemisphere by the French Naturalists, Jean Rene Constant Quoy and Joseph Paul Gaimard. Unfortunately the specimen was actually lost in a shipwreck but a painting by Jacques Arago, Mérion leucoptère, survived.


The Styracosaurus (or “spiked lizard” in English) is a herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur. It lived during the Cretaceous Period’s Campanian stage which was about 76.5 to 75 million years ago. It was scientifically named and described in 1913 by Lawrence Lamb. A painting of the Styracosaurus The Styracosaurus was a large dinosaur. It was 5.5 metres

Suffolk Punch

Also known as the Suffolk Sorrel or the Suffolk Horse, the Suffolk Punch is a breed of draught horse from England. Its name is from Suffolk county in East Anglia, and the name “Punch” refers to its strength and solid appearance. The Suffolk Punch horse is a breed from England The Suffolk Punch was developed