Author: Angela Han

Hammond’s Rice Rat

Hammond’s Rice Rat is also known as Hammond’s Orzyomys. It is a rodent species that belongs to the tribe, Oryzomyini of the family, Cricetidae. It is only known to occur in Ecuador’s montane forest. It is reported to live on the ground and is associated with water and lives in trees. It has a large,

Brazilian False Rice Rat

Also known as False Oryzomys, the Brazilian False Rice Rat (Pseudoryzomys simplex)- is a rodent species from south-central South America. This species is not well known although it is classified by the IUCN of having “Least Concern” conservation status. Lectotype partial cranium of the Brazilian False Rice Rat by Voss and Myers However, what we

Bottlenose dolphin

Belonging to the genus Tursiops, Bottlenose dolphins are the most common and most famous members of the family, Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins). They live in warm and temperate seas worldwide. There are a few member species of the genus Tursiops. Bottlenose dolphin with its young Molecular genetics has provided insight into the genus Tursiops. There is

Barn Swallow

One of the most widespread swallow species in the world is the Barn Swallow. This passerine bird can be found in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. This bird was first described scientifically by Carolus Linnaeus in his renowned work, Systema Naturae which was published in 1758. He gave this animal the name, Hirundo rustica.


The Deinonychus – or ‘Terrible Claw’ in English – was a carnivorous dromaeosaurid dinosaur. These is only 1 described species. This dinosaur lived during the early Cretaceous Period during the mid-Aptian to early Albian stages, which was about 115 – 108 million years ago. Its fossils have been found in Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Montana in

Atlantic Humpback Dolphin

The Altantic humpback dolphin were first scientifically described by Kukenthal in 1892. They belong to the humpback dolphin family, and are members of the genus Sousa. This dolphin is found on the west coast of Africa Atlantic humpback dolphins can be as long as 2.5 metres. They weigh approximately 150 kg. They are pale grey

Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin

Also known as the Chinese White Dolphin, the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin was first scientifically described by Osbeck in 1765. This dolphin is also called the freckled dolphin, speckled dolphin, and the Indian humpback dolphin. Getting friendly with humans at Underwater World, Singapore Habitat This animal is actually an uncommon resident of the Indian and Pacific

Humpback Dolphin

Humpback dolphins are members of the genus, Sousa. As its name suggests, the most distinguishable characteristic of the Humpback dolphin is its humps on the back of adult members of this particular species. It is also known for its elongated dorsal fins. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of dispute about this sea creature so

Red-Billed Chough

The Red-billed Chough, or simply just known as the Chough, is a bird that belongs to the grow family. There are 8 Chough sub-species which breed in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This bird was first scientifically described by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758 in his famous published work, Systema Naturae. Linnaeus originally named it as


Lambeosaurus, or “Lambe’s lizard” in plain English, is a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur. This dinosaur lived in the Late Cretaceous Period in modern day North America, around 75 – 76 million years ago. This dinosaur is well known for its distinctive hollow cranial crest which sort of looks like a hatchet. The skeleton of a

Common Raven

Also known as the Northern Raven, the Common Raven is a well known big black passerine bird. It is found all over the northern hemisphere. It was originally scientifically described by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758. The Common Raven is found all over the Northern Hemisphere There are 8 to 11 sub-species of the Common Raven.

Spinner Dolphin

The Spinner Dolphin is found in tropical waters around the world. This small dolphin is known for its amazing acrobatic displays. It is also sometimes called the Long-snouted Dolphin especially in order scientific texts to differentiate it from the Clymene dolphin which is also known as the Short-snouted Spinner Dolphin. Twist, Tail, and Spin In


Part of the Hound Group, the Beagle is a small to medium-sized dog breed. It looks similar to the Foxhound. It was developed as a scent hound for tracking rabbit, hare, and other game. As a result, they are commonly used as working dogs because of their keen sense of smell. They are also a


Also known as mereswine, Porpoises are related to dolphins and whales. They belong to the family of small cetaceans, also known as Phocoenidae. They were first scientifically described by John Edward Gray in 1825. Their name is derived from the Medieval Latin words, pig and fish. Touching a Porpoise They are quite distinct from dolphins

Black Currawong

Also known as the Black Jay, the Black Currawong is a large passerine bird that is native to the Australian island state of Tasmania. It is closely related to the Australian Magpie and to butcherbirds. There are 3 sub-species of Black Currawongs, and one of these which is found on King Island is categorised as