Month: September 2010


Part of the myrtle family is a plant called guava. There are 100 species of guavas n the world, and they consist of small trees and shrubs found in the tropics. Guavas are native to South America, Central America, and Mexico. They are also now naturalised and grown in many sub-tropical and tropical areas such

Antarctic Cod

Also known as the Antarctic toothfish, the Antarctic cod is famous for many reasons. One of which, is that its name is actually a misnomer as it actually is not even related to a cod, as it is not even in the same order. In fact, it it is more closely related to the Patagonian

Largemouth Bass

One of the most well known members of the sunfish family that is native to North America is the largemouth bass. Also known as a black bass, bigmouth, widemouth bass, bucketmout, Florida largemouth, green bass, Florida bass, green trout, Oswego bass, linesides, southern largemouth, and northern largemouth; it is the state fish of Alabama, Georgia,

Australian Bass

The Australian bass is a highly predatory native fish found in streams along the east coast of Australia. As an iconic fish, they are extremely popular among anglers as they respond to all methods of angling. They are also known as the local’s answer to trout. The Australian bass are often found far upstream in


Nishikigoi, also known as just “koi” in English, is a domesticated type of brocaded carp. Also known as the Japanese carp, they are kept for decorative purposes, as they add life and colour to water gardens or outdoor koi ponds. There are many varieties of Japanese carps, which can be distinguished by the colours or

Sugar Apple

The most widely grown of all the Annona species, the sugar apple is more commonly found around the tropics of the Americas, India and Pakistan. Like most in the Annona species, sugar apple fruits are found on small trees that would grow up up to about 8 meters tall. These trees will produce the sugar


The atemoya is a hybrid between the sugar apple and the cherimoya. Both of these fruits are native to the tropical areas of the Americas. It is known as the “pineapple sugar-apple” in Taiwan, where it is very popular. This is because it is mistaken for a cross between a pineapple and a sugar apple.

Patagonian Toothfish

Also known as the Chilean sea bass, the Patagonian toothfish is found in the cold, temperate waters in the Southern Pacific, Southern Atlantic, Indian, and Southern Ocean on seamounts, continental shelves, and sub-Antarctice islands. They live at depths of about 45 m – 3,850 m. A drawing of the Patagonian Toothfish On average, the weight


A native of the Andes, the cherimoya has long been a thing of fascination fo the moche culture of Peru where cherimoyas are more often than not, depicted in ceramics. The fruit which is quite similar to the custard apple is more commonly found in the Andean-highland valleys of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile,

Custard Apple

Custard apple also known as the “aristocrat of fruits”, is a fruit that can be found in places with a warm and humid climate. The fruit comes from a tree that occurs in many parts of the world such as South East Asia, India, Australia, Taiwan & Africa. It would normally take about 20 to

Striped Bass

The striped bass is a saltwater fish found in the United States and Canada. It is the state fish of South Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, New York, and New Hampshire. In Canada, they are found in the Gaspereau River and Minas basin in Nova Scotia. They are native to the Atlantic coastline of North America,

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass is a freshwater fish species that is part of the sunfish family. It is also known as the Smallmouth, Bronzeback, Brown Bass, Brownie, Smallie, Bronze Base, and Bare back Bass. They are one of the black basses, which is a popular game fish sought by North American anglers. Smallmouth in dark waters It

Siamese Cat

One of the first distinctly recognised Oriental cat breeds is the Siamese cat. Although the name suggests that it is from Siam (now called Thailand), the exact origins of this cat is unknown. It is believed that the cat is from South East Asia, and may have descended from a sacred temple cat. In Thailand,

Boer Goat

Developed in South Africa in the 1900’s primarily for meat production, the Boer Goat’s name is derived from the Dutch word, “Boer” which means farmer. It is thought that Boer Goat was a hybrid whose roots include indigenous goats from the Fooku and Namaqua Bushmen, as well as some European and Indian goats. They were


Horses are hooved mammals that are part of the Equidae family. Evolving over a period of 45 to 55 million years, it was a small multi-toed creature that involved into the large, single-toed creature that tis found today. Humans started to domesticate the horse around 4000 BC, and domesticating horses was widespread 1000 years later.