Month: April 2008


The Cornet fish is a relative small family of fishes that are very elongated and look quite strange when viewed. They are sometimes called rifle fish because of their looks. When viewed they have a very long snout that is  snout making up a quarter of the overall   length. The cornet fish is sometimes called

Phasmatodea (Stick Insects)

This order of insects are known by different names in different countries; in Europe they are called the stick insects while in North America they are called the walking sticks, leaf insects or ghost insects. There are at least three thousand different types of stick insects in the world, ranging in size from under half


The olive is native to the Mediterranean region, parts of Africa and tropical and central Asia. It is one of the oldest known plants to be used by man. Olive seeds found in Spain and tested using carbon dating have shown the olive has been domesticated for eight thousand years. The olive was thought to