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9 Animals That Saved Human Lives

We have spoken about how dangerous some animals can be and even made a top 10 Deceptively Dangerous Animals, but what about animals that are the opposite? This list is about 10 animals that are true heroes, saving the lives of humans from animals and humankind alike. Some of these are better known than others

Top 10 Short-lived Creatures

Having already covered the creatures with the longest lifespan we thought it would only be right to do a feature on the creatures with the shortest lifespan. Here we have the Top 10 creatures with the shortest lifespan, counting down from 5 years we kick off this list with a common pet that everyone recognizes,

8 Creatures That Outlive Humans

With the average human lifespan steadily increasing by generation there is going to be less animals outliving humans as time goes on. There have been numerous reports of cats living into their thirties, ants living for 15 years, elephants reaching 70 years of age but most of the time these are extreme cases and don’t

10 Deceptively Dangerous Animals

When you think dangerous animals your probably going to think along the lines of scorpions, snakes, spiders, sharks, lions etc, there is no doubt that these animals can be extremely dangerous but what about swans? The predefined concepts people have about certain animals can end up putting them in great danger! There are animals out

10 Mammals You Never Knew Existed

If you are an avid follower of It’s Nature then you might recognize some of these elusive mammals, however to the everyday public these animals are relatively unknown and are some of the most unique mammals in the natural world. It’s not uncommon to find a new species or sub species of animal, but mammals

4 Silent Killers of the Natural World

Very often the most deadly and the most painful ways to lose your life to the creatures of the world are not the snakes, the crocodiles and the tigers that you might imagine. They are silent, deadly creatures that can bring with them an agonizing death that leaves you no time for the...

10 Animals You Never Knew Were Poisonous

There are many creatures on this planet that are widely known to be poisonous or venomous including numerous species of spiders, snakes and scorpions. The average person is probably familiar with deadly creatures such as the black widow spider, rattle snake and the box jellyfish but what about lesser known animals that are poisonous such