Greater big-footed mouse

The Greater big-footed mouse is another species only found on the island of Madagascar that is coming under great threat. With the combination of fire during the dry season, cattle being pushed into its habitat and habitat loss mostly due to the human expansion the population of Greater big-footed mouse is declining.

Currently classed as critically endangered the Greater big-footed mouse population is under strain and there are currently no estimate to how strong the population may be.

footmouse1 Greater big footed mouse
Out looking for food during the night
Out looking for food during the night

Being a medium sized mouse the Greater big-footed mouse can be hard to spot at times but is instantly recognizable by its feet after which its named. The feet of the Greater big-footed mouse are long and thin with a total of five digits of which the middle three are significantly longer.

The Greater big-footed mouse has large ears and a very long, stiff tail with a tuft of fur at the tip. Although predominantly brown in color the underside of the Greater big-footed mouse is a great deal paler.

Not a great deal is known about the elusive Greater big-footed mouse as they tend to keep to themselves and are difficult to spot. It is believed that the Greater big-footed mouse are nocturnal and spend their days sleeping in their underground burrows. When out looking for food at night the Greater big-footed mouse can almost always be found up in the trees rather than on the forest floor.


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